High Value Semi-Precious Gemstones

Pink Sapphire

Like the blue sapphire, pink sapphires belong to the corundum family. While blue sapphires and red rubies have traditionally been recognised as the most desirable gems, the pink sapphire is rapidly gaining in popularity and demand. It is sometimes described as a “Pink Ruby” and the classification depends on how the colour is rated. If defined as a red rather than a pink it will be classified as a ruby rather than a pink sapphire. It is a beautiful stone and its lower profile means it is more affordable. 


A rare stone with a deep purple sparkle, tanzanite is one of the newest gemstones available in jewellery and was discovered as recently as 1967. All tanzanites used in jewellery come from a single mine in the Merelani Hills in Tanzania. Tanzanite isn't quite as hard as the “big four”. This alone prevents it being classified as a precious stone, although it is as rare if not rarer, highly sought after and beautiful. 


A captivating, multi-coloured stone. Both solid white opal and black triplet opal are used in Ebony Jewellery's designs. Solid opals are formed from a single opal stone and often feature a wonderful play of colour as the internal structure of the stone diffracts light. They can feature pink, red, orange, yellow, green and blue shades through to white.

Black triplet opals are not solid opal stones, but consist of three layers of stone. Our triplets have a layer of dark coloured onyx at the bottom, a middle layer of opal and a top layer of quartz. The dark onyx highlights the play of colour in the opal, and the quartz on the top protects the opal. Combinations of green-blue, red-blue or blue-red-green can often be seen.

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