What exactly is a lab-grown diamond?

One of the first things people ask us, and a frequent subject on Quora questions, is what exactly a lab-grown diamond is, and how it’s different from a mined diamond. So, allow us to explain a little more.

Mined diamonds are created by nature. Over millions of years, carbon particles in the earth were subjected to immense pressure and heat, producing rough diamonds that are mined from deep within the earth. Lab-grown diamonds are created by science. Over a period between a few weeks and a few months, a diamond “seed” is literally grown using incredible technology that mirrors the natural process using one of two methods: “high pressure, high temperature” or “chemical vapour deposition”. The result of both natural and scientific processes is the same: a rough diamond, which must be cut and polished before being set into a piece of jewellery

So, the only difference between a mined diamond and a lab-grown Ethical Diamond is origin: below ground or above ground! But what other considerations are there in terms of choosing between a natural stone and a lab-grown one? Well, we believe mining for diamonds has ethical and environmental issues associated with it, which are absent from our diamonds. We take the greatest care that ethics and sustainability are at the heart of all we do. No people or natural resources are harmed throughout our supply chain, so we can reduce the impact to both the environments and communities affected by the mined diamond industry.

This is not to suggest that we don’t believe in choice – people can decide for themselves what is important to them and what ethical considerations are paramount in their lives. We believe in working with, rather than against, the traditional diamond industry, as we want to see the diamond and jewellery world strive to achieve higher standards of ethics and sustainability across the supply chain. It’s one of the reasons we work with the BIG Foundation, a charity supporting educational and environmental projects in Africa – more to follow on the Foundation in future blog posts

If you decide a lab-grown diamond is for you, please take a look at our range, build your own piece of jewellery by contacting us to discuss creating a bespoke item just for you!  

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What exactly is a lab-grown diamond? - Ebony Jewellery

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