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Platinum-Plated Silver
Variety Ebony Jewellery
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High Quality Platinum Plated Sterling Silver

Fancy Marquise & Pear Cut Star End Set Earrings with Pear Tear Drop

Premium Cubic Zirconia jewellery is crafted from Triple Platinum-Plated Sterling silver. This high-quality jewellery offers a luxurious look at an accessible price point, allowing anyone to access beautiful and elegant pieces without sacrificing quality.


Drop Stone Cubic Zirconia
Cut: Pear Shape
Size: 12x8mm


Star Stones -
Cut: Marquise
Cut: Pear Shape

Frequently asked questions

It is advisable to take your favourite earrings off from time to time to let your ears “breathe”.

The frequency with which you clean your earrings depends on how often you wear them. As a general rule of thumb, it's good to maintain a cleaning schedule of about once a month.

You can get in Contact with us to arrange a cleaning service.

You also should avoid going any longer than 24 hours without wearing earrings for the first six months of a new piercing to prevent the hole from closing.